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Decreasing Term Assurance

A Decreasing Term policy works in much the same way as a level term assurance policy in that you choose the term and the level of cover you want from the outset. However unlike a level term assurance, the sum assured decreases over the term of the policy.

These are predominantly used for people with loans or debts where the capital outstanding reduces over time and the decreasing term policy follows suit to ensure that should the life assured die within the term, any outstanding monies are fully repaid to settle the loan.

Note that as with any term assurance, any sum assured will be paid as a lump sum and only within the term.

There is no investment element associated with these types of policies; therefore if you survive the term, you will get nothing back. Furthermore these policies have no surrender value and cover would cease should premiums stop being paid.

Mortgage Protection is vital, as should any misfortune befall you that means you are unable to work and earn your wage, your ability to make mortgage payments would likely be affected. Mortgage Protection ensures that should anything happen to you that affects your ability to work, such as illness or accidental injury, then your mortgage payments will not be affected which will undoubtedly ease your situation and prevent serious financial problems.

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