Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Buying Life Insurance can be a peculiar thing, considering that in doing it you are acknowledging the impending death of either yourself or a loved one, be it days, weeks, months or years away.
Death is not an attractive prospect for most, and contemplating it with regards to oneself and loved ones is a sombre, disturbing and/or upsetting process, but the fact is that we are all united in the human condition, and death is inevitable for all of us. Death is an indelible part of life. Life insurance is therefore a necessity, as the grim reality is that our loved ones will need support after we have passed on. The sobering statistic is that nearly one child in 29 loses a parent before they have finished full time education (source: Aviva, Jan 2013), and with that personal tragedy in mind, it is best to ensure that at the very least financial difficulties are alleviated by life insurance so that dealing with their loss is made that much less difficult.

Buying insurance is commonplace in the western world, be it for your car, your house, possessions or a holiday. But it is imperative you insure the most important thing of all to your family – you!

Do not run the risk of leaving your family in a difficult financial situation. Life insurance is vital to providing them with the same quality of life as they had before when you pass, and it will help ease the burden that your death will leave on the family throughout the ordeal.

Life insurance is often overlooked, but is vital to secure your family the support they need should you pass. Regardless of position or social standing, Arc Protect can help you find out what life insurance cover you require, and get it for you.

Why do I need life insurance?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy; it is a hard process to come to terms with having lost somebody who was a vital part of your life, and adding a significant financial burden to the grief can make coping with your loss even more difficult. Life insurance is vital; it can help to support your family after you die, or even a business partner.

There are a plethora of reasons why it is imperative to get life insurance, among them:

  • Mortgage repayments – do you wish to arrange for your mortgage to be paid off?
  • Replacing the primary earner’s salary – ensuring the family does not fall on hard times after your death.
  • Replacing childcare – the death of the primary childcare provider could lead to the need for childcare expenses.
  • Protecting dependents – cover for school/university fees after the death of the primary earner.
  • Covering business debts – Banks and creditors get worried when key people die. Credit lines get shortened or even pulled, often with fatal consequences for the business. If you are a key person your business could insure you to provide cash flow to settle all debts and recruit a new person.

As all the above demonstrate, life insurance is necessary for the family with a deceased loved one to continue on as best they can, without the added strain of not having the necessary finances to resume life in the same manner as before. This is why life insurance is absolutely imperative, particular for those who are the primary earners of the family.

Regardless of whether the reason behind attaining life insurance is to cover your debts, or to ensure that your family is able to maintain the standard of living to which they are accustomed, there is a multitude of reasons to get the best life insurance policy for your personal circumstances. Arc Protect will help you to do that.

Call ARC Protect today. It could be one of the most important choices you ever make, but will certainly be a worthwhile one, and a choice that your family could ultimately be very grateful you made.

Mortgage Protection

A Decreasing Term policy works in much the same way as a Level Term Assurance policy in that you choose the term and the level of cover you want from the outset.

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Family Protection

A Term Assurance policy provides a fixed amount of life insurance (the sum assured) for a fixed period (the term) in return for a monthly payment.

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Critical Illness

It is human nature to not consider the possibility of a critical illness happening to us, especially when we feel healthy, but life can be cruel and random; it can, and does.

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Whole of Life

Whole life insurance is a policy that will pay out on death at any time of the person whose life is assured, as long as the whole life insurance policy is still in force.

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